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Sightseeing in Pontevedra and around

que ver en pontevedra

Rúas Hotel is located in the old town of Pontevedra, one of the most charming areas of the city; its squares, its lively streets, its emblematic spots and multiple rooms in which to enjoy Galician cuisine, the historic area of Pontevedra has become a benchmark for lovers of quiet tourism and for those seeking spaces in recent years have been revalued for the enjoyment of pedestrians.

Our hotel is located at 20 Street Sarmiento, a location that allows our customers to explore the most beautiful corners of Pontevedra Old Town: next to our facilities from the Plaza de la Lena, iconic corner of our city; The Plaza de la Verdura, a warm space where terraces and music come together regularly; and Méndez Núñez and Curros Enríquez (among others), where you can enjoy many terraces and shows that, for all ages, administrations and organizations usually promote.

Converted into place for the enjoyment of citizenship and the traveler, the monumental area of Pontevedra is characterized by its charm to stroll, shop and tapas. It is very close to the city center, where multiple spaces await you to enjoy a city reborn. Public parks, trails, monuments and calls festive delight anyone who spends the night in Pontevedra. If you stay in Pontevedra, known by locals as the Boa Vila-, we recommend not miss the opportunity to visit the Provincial Museum, the ruins of Santo Domingo, the Interpretation Center of the Archiepiscopal Torres, the Market (especially if you love the food, since there will find a variety of fresh produce including fish, meat and vegetables). There are many places that you can enjoy in our city.

The Rías Baixas are a great place to enjoy all kinds of tourism enclave. The city of Pontevedra is located a few kilometers from localities with beaches (Poio, Sanxenxo, Marin Bueu, etc). The estuaries of Pontevedra, Vigo and Arousa, where mussel extract is an important source of capital resources are a beautiful setting that receives thousands of tourists annually. If you are a nature lover, consider visiting the Cies Islands (in the Ria de Vigo) or Ons (in Pontevedra), which you can reach by boat departing from different villages near the capital the province and where you will find beautiful beaches and hiking trails suitable for all audiences.